The pigs are priced based on hanging weight-the weight of the carcass minus the offal.  The ending usable meat yield will depend on the way you have the pig butchered-the more bone-in cuts, the higher the end weight, and vice versa.
     I usually figure an ending yield of about 80% of hanging weight; so a 225 lb live weight pig becomes 160 lbs of hanging weight and yields you about 128 lbs of usable meat.
     I charge $4.75/lb of hanging weight for a whole pig and $5.00 for a half pig.  In addition to paying me for the hanging weight, you either have to butcher the pig yourself or, as is more likely, arrange to have a butcher cut it up for you.  We typically have our animals butchered at the Litchfield Locker in Litchfield, and they charge $1.15/lb of hanging weight for cryovac packaged meat.  They also do butcher wrap at $.75/lb; if you're going to go through your beef in less than six months that's fine, but if this will be in the freezer for over six months, I recommend cryovac wrapping.
     The Locker will also charge you extra for making sausage, smoking hams, and smoking and slicing bacon.  You need to talk those details over with them.  Their phone number is 860 567 5448, and you should ask for Katie.
     So if there were a 160 lb hanging  weight pig, you’d pay me $760 and you’d pay the Locker $184 for the butchering for a total of $944.  You’d get about 128 lbs of meat, average price of $7.38, which is about 20% off the average price of one of my pigs at my full retail price.
     A ½ pig  would be 84 lb hanging weight at $5.00 or $420, plus $96.60 to the Locker for a total of $516.60.  That gives about 64 lbs, or $8.07/lb.  
     The ultimate bill will obviously depend on the size of the pig being slaughtered , which type of  wrap you choose and any other processing cost (sausage, bacon, etc.).  The pigs are typically ready for harvest between 200 and 250 lbs.
     If you would like to go ahead, please let me know.  I will need a $200 deposit for a whole pig and a $100 deposit for a half pig prior to slaughter.  The final balance needs to be paid to me prior to butchering.
     I’m perfectly happy if you find another person to split a whole pig or half pig; it’s a little trickier with a quarter pig, because you have to divide the cuts yourself, and they don’t always divide equally.  If you are interested in a quarter pig and don't have someone to split a half pig with, email me or call me and I'll put try to pair you with other customers who also only want a quarter.
     If you have any questions, please email me at or call me at 860 567 8122.