The cows are priced based on hanging weight, i.e., the weight of the skinned carcass minus the head and offal.  The ending usable meat yield will depend on the way you have the cow butchered; the more bone-in cuts, the higher the end weight, and vice versa.
     Hanging weight is roughly half live weight, and we usually get a meat yield of about 70% of hanging weight; so a 1200 lb live weight cow becomes 600 lbs of hanging weight and yields you about 420 lbs of usable meat.
     We charge $6.00/lb of hanging weight for a whole cow, $6.00 for a half cow, and $6.50 for a quarter cow.  This does not include butchering costs; we are happy to arrange butchering at Plymouth Meats, the same location where our animals are humanely slaughtered under USDA supervision. The owner Katie is a talented butcher who can accommodate custom butchering requests. Please contact us for indicative pricing for butchering; a ballpark estimate is that carrying out a standard cut sheet (30% steaks, 30% roasts, 40% ground) adds about 20% to the hanging weight cost.
     To reserve whole or part of a cow, we require a $500 deposit for a whole cow, a $250 deposit for a half cow prior to slaughter, and a $125 deposit for a quarter cow.  The final balance must be paid prior to butchering.
     The check should be made out to Laurel Ridge Farm 164 Wigwam Road, Litchfield, CT  06759.
     We are happy to match customers who each want a half cow. If you want a quarter cow, we recommend finding others with whom to split a half, since the cuts will not always divide equally.
 If you have any questions, please email or call 860 567 8122.